Charity Theme Dress Day!!!

Did you know that Mount Erin College has donated well over $20, ooo dollars to a variety of local, national and global charities over the last 6 years? Well we have! 

On Tuesday 15th June, Mount Erin College will launch its next charitable event. The student leaders decided that each year level will have its own theme. The following year levels are attached to the following themes funky kids: 


 Year 7’s- Superheroes Day! 

Year 8’s- Pirates and Ninjas Day!  

Year 9’s- Pajama Day! 

Year 10,11 &12- Your Future Self! 


Teachers will also be expected to dress in the appropriate theme for the year level they are most associated with. Yes that’s right, that means Mr Bowler in his undergarments… 

The money we raise, will be divided between the following charitable causes:
Our Indonesian sister school Sekolah Dasar 1 in Pemuteran will get half of the proceeds while State Schools Relief Fund will receive the other half. Both organisations work hard to provide basic educational essentials for those in some difficulty. As always, Mount Erin works hard to make our world a better place for all.




So all you students, please remember, if you make the choice to come in casual dress, please make the choice to support the theme of your year level, and SUPPORT the CAUSE with your gold coin donation! 



With Kind Regards, 

Bernie Silva & Grayson H. 






Sounds of Silva hit the R.C.!




The R.C. will be ‘rockin’ to the SOUNDS of SILVA  on 

 Tuesday 8th June

12.45 in the Resource Centre

To celebrate the 2010 opening of


New and old members are welcome.

Fill out the registration form in the R.C. or EMAIL Mrs O’Loughlin to get you free doughnut at the opening!

 The Cafe will run  Tuesdays Week A at  lunch time in the R.C. for all students that like to read and get involved in books!

Heaps of  fun events are planned so join up now!