Resource Centre

The Resource Centre, staffed by caring, committed and skilled teacher librarians, teachers and support staff, creates a welcoming, student centred environment. It is a dynamic and integral part of the College, serving as the focus for information and literature provision for students and staff.


The Resource Centre contains a wide variety of resources – both print and electronic, all accessible from our automated catalogue with increasing emphasis being placed on electronic delivery of information.
Resources include:

  • Reference books: a hard copy collection containing recent editions.
  • Non-fiction books: a comprehensive collection to support the teaching & learning programme.
  • Fiction books: a rich and varied collection of quality young adolescent titles catering for a diverse range of interests and reading levels.
  • Picture books: a selection of high quality titles to support the teaching programme.
  • Videos & DVDs: a comprehensive collection of several thousand titles.
  • Encyclopedias: a range of major reference titles.
  • Internet: access from all work-stations in the library.
  • Daily newspapers
  • Back issues of newspapers: kept for 15 months to facilitate senior research.
  • Magazines: a large research orientated collection and a growing collection of popular recreational titles.
  • CD-ROMs: all CD ROM programs stored on the Resource Centre server can be accessed through the College-wide network.
  • On-line databases: subscriptions to such services as MediaScan, Echo, The Age Online & Weblinks.



The Resource Centre is a striking and unusual building with large picture windows and attractive internal features.
The major components are:

  • Computer research area: 24 networked computers for students to research on the Internet, on-line databases and CD ROM programs.
  • Class area: tables for classes to access reference, non fiction & newspaper resources.
  • Private study tables: seating for students undertaking independent research and classwork.
  • The Lit Lounge: an attractive and enticing area of easy chairs and a couch for quiet reading and discussion.
  • VCE dedicated study area: 6 multimedia computers for senior students to research and complete course work.
  • Multimedia Room: 3 metre screen, roof mounted data projector, networked notebook computer, TV, video, stereo and DVD player to enhance interactive and online delivery & presentation of curriculum.
  • Interactive whiteboard technology: A ‘Team Board’, mounted projector and class area offers staff the opportunity to embrace new technologies as a pedagogical tool. Services
  • Photocopiers: black & white and colour photocopiers accessed via computers and student ID cards.
  • Colour laser printer: a high speed colour laser printer is available for student use.
  • Binding & laminating: provided for both staff and students.
  • Scanner: students can scan images for use in projects & assignments.
  • VCE dedicated study area: 6 multimedia computers for senior students to research and complete course work.
  • Digital still & video cameras: an increasing number of cameras are available for student use during school hours.


The Resource Centre opens every day from 8am until 3.30pm Monday through Thursday.
On Friday we are open until 3.00pm.

Recess: Open every day (except Thursdays) for student research, homework and reading.
Lunch: Open every day for students of all year levels with access to all services and facilities.


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