Day 4 – Language class, cooking class and Mt. Merapi lava tour

This morning we had an early start to the day, eating breakfast at 7 and leaving at 7.30pm. To start off the day we went to Indonesia class which went for 2 hours. We learnt about food, drinks, and how to ask questions about food and drinks. For example:

Anda sudah makan apel?

(Have you eaten an apple?)

You would answer with:

Ya, sudah. (Yes I have). Or belum. (not yet).

We then went around the Indonesian school to introduce ourselves to other people and asked them about food and drinks.

By Alexis

After our language lesson we then had a short break before starting our 2 hour cooking class. We made many Indonesian meals which were very yummy, including tempeh goreng and bakwan. We then ate the food while sitting on mats, and tried ‘kelapa muda’ or young coconut, drinking directly from the coconut. We then went back to the hotel and most of us had a swim.

By Grace

Our last activity of the day was taking a jeep tour up the volcano. The majority of us agree that this was the favourite part of the trip for us. The views were absolutely gorgeous and the ride there and back was so much fun. We stopped at a series of places, where we learnt about the effects of the latest eruption on the surrounding villages. During the tour, we were able to stand up during the ride (which was very bumpy) and enjoy the magnificent views.

By Amelia

Jeep video (produced by Thomas Ballard)


Day 3 – Kraton palace, Taman Sari, Prambanan Temple and Wayang kulit performance

Firstly we visited The Kraton, which is the sultan’s palace in Yogyakarta. Many of the sultan’s possessions were on display and we got to see some of his history, as well as gifts that were given to previous king’s. My favourite part of the palace was the architecture. It was very ornate and regal, and some of the local people were selling cool flying toys, lifelike whistles and other market goods that they were showing off. We then went to Taman Sari, the sultan’s water palace. At Prambanan, we had lunch in a beautiful open sided restaurant which had some pretty neat seating carved out of wood. After coming back to the hotel to chill for a bit we got back on the bus to see a wayang kulit performance (shadow puppets). Some of us ordered room service for the first time while a few adventurous students decided to try eating local style from a Warung. $8 for 6 meals and a chicken head later we walked back to the hotel for a well deserved and much needed sleep.

By Alia and Meah

Video link (Filmed and edited by Thomas Ballard)

Day 2 – Language class, Kota Gede, Gamelan and Malioboro Mall.

Another busy day taking in the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of Yogyakarta. After brushing up on our Bahasa, we enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch where we sampled a variety of Indonesian foods. We then tried to learn how to play the various instruments of a gamelan (traditional Indonesian orchestra) – some with more success than others! We also toured the historical site of Kota Gede, which included exploring a traditional Joglo style house. A quick power nap at the hotel was then followed by a thrilling walk along Jalan Malioboro to the Malioboro Mall, where many adventurous students decided to go outside their comfort zone and get dinner (makan malam) at KFC. The verdict? ‘It cost $3 for a whole bucket, how could we say no?’ A fun day had by all.

Video link (filmed and edited by Tom Ballard):

Volcano Update

Fortunately our flight to Yogyakarta was unaffected by the eruption of Mt Agung. We will continue to monitor the situation and will take advice regarding our future plans in Bali. We will update you if our plans change.