MESEM is an acronym for Mount Erin Student Events Management.   


It is the student leadership team consisting of young people elected by their peers into positions of responsibility.The main responsibility of these student leaders is to organise and host as many events around the College at lunch time as possible. Throughout the calendar year, College Captains and Year Level leaders join together to co ordinate events and tournaments ranging from the ASPIRE radio station to Art, Photography and Short Story competitions. Perpetual trophies immortalise Champion teams in Dodgeball, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball and Netball and a rich tradition of Performing Arts continues to thrive through the annual ‘Mount Erin Idol’ and Creative Arts Festivals. Our student leaders even host a Regional Singing competition called ‘Peninsula Songfest’. Our student leaders have overseen the raising and donating of over $20,000AUD for local, national and international charities. Hence Mount Erin College is the unique Government College to nurture social justice and to encourage students to aspire to become tomorrow’s community leaders



















3 thoughts on “MESEM

  1. Great work by all the MESEM crew and extras with the Mt Erin Idol. I must also say well done to todays Idols and I look forward to seeing tomorrows Idols in action.

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