Indonesia Tour 2018: Day 9 – Sister school visit and Legong Dance

Visiting our sister school in Pemuteran was a highlight of our Indonesian tour, as well as an eye opening experience. We were greeted with flowers and dancers by the students when we first arrived, and later enjoyed a lesson in traditional basket making. The baskets we made are made by the locals three times per day to present various offerings to the gods. We also watched an Indonesian flag raising ceremony. The students taught us an Indonesian game which was a lot of fun, and then we engaged in games such as elevens to help the students learn English, and we presented the gifts that we bought from our school. It was exciting to see the students receive the gifts we brought and hold onto them. Through this experience students were able to gain an understanding of the many privileges we have at home. We finished off our visit with more games and photos with the children.

By Tijana

At night, we enjoyed a meal at one of the hotel restaurants whilst enjoying five different dance performances where the dancers wore traditional clothing and bright makeup. Each one performing to the background of a full gamelan orchestra. We really enjoyed the performances and we even got to participate in the final dance. We leave tomorrow morning (Saturday) to start our trip home. We all have enjoyed our time in Indonesia, and are hoping to return here soon!

By Paige

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