Indonesia Tour 2018: Day 8 – Reef Seen Turtle conservation centre, boat tour and biorock coral project.

Our first (and in my opinion) the best activity of today was the releasing of the baby turtles into the ocean. We got to learn about the turtle project which was founded by Chris from Melbourne who had been living in Pemuteran for 30 years. The turtle project has been running since then and will continue to run as long as there are people willing to donate to the cause. It was such an amazing feeling to release the turtles into the ocean and their new life. It is even better to know that the people who are part of this project are so passionate about saving this beloved species.

Later in the afternoon four of us were able to go back to the turtle centre to feed the big turtle. Fortunately, we were able to witness the turtles hatching from their eggs. We were also lucky enough to hold the hatchlings in our hands and place them in the tub. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that we will never forget.

By Amelia and Alexis

We left the turtle centre and went on a half hour boat trip around Pemuteran bay. It was a fun and relaxing ride on the water while we looked at the view and took photos. As we went around we passed a pura (Balinese temple) and gazed at the magnificent mountains in the background.

By Harry

After lunch we went to biorock. Those is a coral conservation project where we learnt about the history and current efforts being made to help save the coral. In the early 2000’s there was an economic depression in Indonesia which meant that fishing became more necessary because of the lack of food. Cyanide fishing and explosives were used in the ocean to catch fish which caused a lot of damage to the reef. For the past 18 years, living architecture had been installed too help grow back the once beautiful coral in Pemuteran bay. The way this architecture works is that it has electricity running through it which causes the coral to grow more quickly. Overall this was very educational and I would love to come back in a few years to see how the coral is growing back.

By Leah

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