Indonesia Tour 2018: Day 5 – Borobudur at sunrise, traditional market and Ambarrukmo Plaza.

We had a really early start this morning to head up to the Borobudur temple to watch the sunrise. There were a lot of steps but it was a very unique experience watching a once in a life time view of the sun rising over Mount Merapi.

After that we sat on the 6th level of the temple and learnt about the history of the temple and the UNESCO restoration process, as well as the poses of the buddhas and what each one meant.

After our sunrise tour we headed back to the base of the temple and got to try luwak coffee and fried banana (pisang goreng).

Overall the experience was really exciting and something that most of us had never seen before.

By Harley

Our next activity after that was visiting a traditional food market in Yogyakarta. The market was very different to what most of us had expected.
There was a lot of different vibrant colours present throughout the market with all the different fruits and vegetables on display. I really enjoyed looking at the amazing variety on display as well as observing how several store owners sifted through materials such as bean shoots to seperate them before selling them. I really enjoyed being immersed in the environment of this food market and taking in all of the different colours, sights and smells. We even got to try a local dish, sticky rice with coconut, which was delicious!
Overall it was a great experience, and I would love to do it again

By Molly

After resting at the hotel after our early start, we went to a movie theatre at Plaza Ambarrukmo. We were lucky enough to watch Incredibles 2 with Indonesian subtitles. The theatre sound was a lot louder than in an Australian movie theatre which was unexpected. After the movie we were able to walk around in the plaza to shop and eat dinner. It was very interesting to see all the different foods and shops they have. Many shops were very similar to Australia and it was interesting to see the difference between Australian shopping centres and malls in Indonesia.

By Lauren

Video link (filmed and edited by Thomas Ballard)

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